Interview with Freethought Radio

I had the pleasure of giving an interview last week to the folks at Freethought Radio, sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  We talked about new research from the American Mosaic Project here at the U. of M. that examines Americans' attitudes towards the nonreligious. In our 10-year followup to our 2003 survey we asked people how they thought and felt about atheists and the spiritual-but-not-religious, and whether it's a good or a bad thing that more people are claiming no religious identity.  We found high levels of anti-atheist sentiment and high levels of concern about the rising % of those who claim no religious identity, driven largely by moral concerns. . . . Our research is coming out in the December issue of Social Forcesand you can find the full text of the article on my Research and Publications page.  

Here's the link to the interview on Freethought Radio:  interview link.  I'm interviewed in the second half, starting around 20:07.